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Upcoming iPhone App for Glucose Monitoring

As all diabetics and their caregivers are aware, one of the keys to successfully managing diabetes is constantly tracking your glucose levels. Continuous glucose monitors have been around for years, but the advent of mobile apps is revolutionizing these devices, making them even more accurate and easier to use. Now, Medtronic, one of the leaders in medical device technology, is looking to take things even further with their Guardian Mobile CGM app.

This device has the ability communicate via Bluetooth with your smartphone and transmit a continuous reading. What’s even better is that the information it gathers can be sent to your medical care practitioner in case of emergencies when your glucose levels are out of control and you don’t respond to the alert. Parents of diabetic kids will be able to get constant updates while their child is playing or at school. Perhaps, its best feature is its invisibility. You can wear it discretely without having to explain what it is and what it does.

Guardian Mobile medtronic

Source: Mobile Health News

The Guardian Mobile works by placing it close to your skin with the help of a little gel that seals it completely. The camera in the device uses light rays that study the interstitial fluid under the skin. This fluid contains glucose molecules that the sensor reads, assesses and converts into a numerical value that it sends to iPhone.

The sensor can also retain your readings for up to 120 days, essentially turning your iPhone into a medical record device. This feature is particularly helpful if the monitor cannot connect with your receiving device right away. Another important feature of the device is that it can display information like the amount of insulin you have taken or the amount of carbohydrates you have ingested simply by clicking on the right icon. You can also manually enter in any data you feel is relevant to your diabetes treatment.
Although the Guardian Mobile has not been approved by the FDA yet, devices like it could be the 1st step in connecting diabetes patients to cloud-based solutions and indispensable for managing health.