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Traveling with Insulin and Diabetes

Diabetes can sometimes be a challenge to maintain whenever you go on long trips away from home. You’re far away from the comfort of your home in the event that something happens, and you want to focus on the fun aspects of the trip, not worrying about when your next insulin shot is due. Fortunately, we have some tips for you to follow that will help your insulin management whenever you are out on vacation that will ensure that your trip goes smoothly.


Bring 2-3 Times the normal amount of Insulin you normally take

Whenever you are out and about on your vacation, it can be easy to undershoot how much insulin you will need when you are away from home. Just to play it safe, bring 2-3 times the normal amount of insulin you would take on a consistent basis and pack it with your belongings. You never know what might happen, and it’s always best to play it safe.


Never Store Your Insulin in Checked Luggage or the Trunk of a Car

Be sure to carry your insulin on your person at all times if you can. By leaving your insulin in your checked luggage, it will be harder to obtain in the event that you need it immediately. Leaving it in the trunk of your car will expose it to the heat, thus damaging the insulin and making it ineffective to you.


Time Zones

Always make sure that you keep track of the differences in time zones when traveling. It can be easy to mix up one time zone over another and lose track of when your next insulin dosage should be. Carry pen and paper for notes to remind yourself of the time zone difference and stay on top of any changes.

Bring a Snack on the Plane

Always bring some sort of a snack to eat on the plane. You never know if you are going to hit some kind of delays, and you always want to be prepared. Inject insulin as needed before or after you have eaten on the plane, and be weary that the pressurized cabin may cause a bit extra insulin to be injected than normal.