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Thanksgiving Tips for People with Diabetes


photo credit: Steve A Johnson via photopin cc

Thanksgiving is the first meal of the holiday season, an opening salvo of mashed potatoes and freshly baked rolls that lasts until the New Year. For diabetics the risk is greater than an expanding waistline, however. Meals heavy with carbohydrates and sugars can cause a spike in blood sugar. Eating at odd times can make it difficult to regulate medication. There are a few things you can do that can make life a little easier, and keep you healthy until January 1st.

Routine is a good way to make sure you don’t miss a dose of medicine, and test your blood sugar on a regular basis. Holidays do a good job of ruining schedules. Dinner usually happens sometime in the middle of the afternoon, when the bird has finished cooking. Eat a decent breakfast that morning, and a snack at your regular mealtime to help keep your blood sugar on track. Eating before the big meal will also fill you up so you are less likely to indulge.

There are a lot of delicious dishes at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Eating sparingly of dishes rich with carbs, and filling up on veggies and salad will go a long way to keep you healthy. Contributing a dish to dinner is a fine tradition, and ensures that there will be something healthy there you can eat. Talking over your needs with your host before hand is another good idea. These are your friends and family members, and they will be accommodating and supportive.

The silver bullet for staying healthy at Thanksgiving, though, is team work. Many people are watching their diets for any number of reasons these days. Small portions, eating lots of vegetables, and steering clear of sugar and carbs is a good way to keep the pounds off as well as regulating blood sugar. Having a buddy who can help you stay strong in weak moments, and resist temptation. It is also easier to avoid social pressure to dig in when there is another person at the table abstaining.

All these strategies are helpful and, with a little practice, can make sure you can enjoy the holidays while staying healthy. While these few months may be given over to indulgence, you will be healthier, and feel better, for taking a more moderate approach to big meals.