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Caring for Your Diabetic Supplies

Making sure that you are taking the proper steps in the care of your diabetes supplies plays an important role in ensuring that you are getting accurate readings and that your supplies last. Follow these five, simple steps for caring for your diabetes supplies.


Always check

  • Tending to your supplies is very important. Insulin and other supplies should be visually inspected to make sure they look normal.
  • Insulin should also be free from crystallization.
  • It is also crucial to check dates on all your diabetes supplies and never use expired products.


Stay organized

  • Organization is an important tip when caring for your diabetes supplies. Make sure you are using the products with the earliest expiration dates first and that nothing is lost.
  • Having a good organizational system will also make it easier to protect your temperature and light sensitive diabetes supplies.


Store everything properly

  • If test strips are taken out of their original containers, confirm that they are being kept where they are protected from moisture, humidity, and other outside elements, such as light and extreme heat or cold.
  • Insulin and glucose meters can also be sensitive when exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold. Keep your insulin cool, but not frozen!

Keep your glucose meter in good working condition

  • In order to make sure you obtain accurate readings, your glucose meter always needs to be maintained.
  • Aside from keeping it out of extreme temperatures, ensure your glucose meter always has good batteries in it and is taken in to a technician for a tune-up when needed.


Be safe

  • Because needles and lancets (sharps) pose the risk of causing blood infections, it is important that they only come into contact with your insulin and your skin – don’t set them on the table or around kids!
  • Disposal of sharps is also important to be mindful of because they can pose a risk to others if misused.