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4 Tips for Keeping Your Diabetic Supply Case Organized

There’s usually no shortage of “things” to carry in your bag, but having diabetes adds a whole layer of additional must-have’s that you have to squeeze into some sort of carrying case.

This is exactly what inspired the aDorn Messenger bag. It’s a beefed up version of a regular messenger bag – and it’s specially designed for diabetics.

Trying to throw everything into a baggie, or pouch type bag just creates a jumbled mess, making it hard to find what you need when you need it.

So how do you keep everything organized in your bag?

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your diabetic messenger bag or diabetic travel bag organized.

1. Utilize the clutch for medical supplies

We took special care to create the handy detachable clutch for easy access to medical supplies such as syringes, insulin and other important medications.

The mesh pockets make everything visible, and the elastic loops hold insulin bottles snug and tight. Utilize the larger pockets for pump supplies, glucose monitors, batteries and alcohol swabs.

The clutch is also easy to detach and use separately (you can also purchase it separately).

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2. Keep snacks handy in side pockets

As a diabetic, it’s ultra-important to keep healthy snacks on hand. Your aDorn diabetic messenger bag has ample space to hold food and drinks.

The back side of the messenger bag has several pockets that are large enough for granola bars, baggies with carrots or nuts or fruit. You can also keep water handy in the exterior pockets. You definitely don’t want to leave home without your snacks and water!

diabetic bag, diabetic messenger bag, designer diabetic bag, diabetic clutch


3. Use cushy interior pocket for your laptop

In this day and age, diabetic supplies aren’t the only thing you’re probably carrying to work or to the coffee shop. These days you need a handy, safe place to keep your laptop as well.

aDorn’s diabetic messenger bag has a nice, cushy interior pocket that will fit most 15″ laptops. You can also slide your folder and notebooks inside as well – making your bag somewhat of a mobile office! And the lightweight material and soft shoulder strap keep the bag from getting too heavy – even when packed with a laptop.

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4. Keep pens and business cards under the flap

There’s nothing more frustrating than searching a big, open bag for a pen. No more! With this bag, all you need to do is stash a couple pens right under the messenger bag flap in the pen holders. There’s also a handy place to keep business cards, your cell phone  and notebooks for easy, fast access.


diabetic bags, diabetic supply case, diabetic messenger bag

No more fumbling around trying to find things!

Let’s face it – diabetics have to take special care to make sure that not only do we have our keys, wallet and cell phone when we walk out the door, but we also have life-saving supplies that we NEED to have on hand for easy access. Not many bags are designed with this extra need in mind.

With the aDorn diabetic messenger bag and travel case, you can rest assured that everything you need is safe, secure and right at your finger tips!

Interested in buying one for yourself or as a gift? Visit our diabetic messenger bag shop page.